At Edgetek we pride ourselves in creating a streamline process so that your project is both cost effective and efficient. Adhering to the simple principles of Teamwork, Integrity, Initiative and Creativity, has allowed our company to continue to expand by utilizing our most valuable assets, our team.

Implementation of state-of-the-art programming has made cumbersome busy work a thing of the past. We welcome any project and enjoy the challenge in making sure that it is an absolute perfect representation of our Core Values. We look forward to gaining your business.


  • LTE Modernization
  • PIM and Sweep Testing
  • Microwave
  • Cell Site Integration
  • Standby Power Supply Installation

EdgeTek is committed to keeping its customers connected during any Natural Disaster. We are prepared with a fleet of storm assessors and fiber splicers that can be quickly deployed before, during and after any storm. Our track record of successful storm renovation and relief work include; Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Michael.