Corporate Level

Corporate level responsibility is to oversee the quality plan “as a whole” to maintain efficiency and overall project quality and guidelines as it relates to the contract, the scope of work and the scheduled deadlines.
Corporate Level

Our performance management approach involves the following; in-depth planning, frequent and transparent communication, constant and vigilant monitoring, incentivizing excellence, risk planning and mitigation, and implementing immediate corrective-action when necessary. Must allow time for QC & inspections to happen. Delineating pieces out such as QC Manager, Field QC Inspectors and back office inspections.
Individual Level

Our implemented checklists help break quality control into a QC per-person level. Identifying who is in charge of QC-ing, the field data collection, drafting, design, and to the back office. Each person working needs to bring up all issues that may arise, so we can take corrective action. Appropriately incentivizing team members leads to higher morale, increased productivity, and a greater commitment to quality. We encourage our team’s members to contribute in new ideas and processes so that we can always continue to improve our quality, time lines and overall customer expectations. And most importantly “We want the best idea to win”