Document Control

Document control will be in place to handle all documents and correspondence, to provide to the customer, as well as our internal staff. Our document control individual will track all documents and correspondence in a way that can be organized and scaled. Also, in charge of withholding documents until they’re approved, tracking all revisions, feedback from the client, versions, global changes to CAD template, followed by communicating with everyone that will be affected.

Design Control

We have set quality practices and procedures in place and incorporated them into the design and development for design and field changes, subject to design control measures. Design controls consist of: development planning, design input, design output, review, verification, validation and customer facing
Individual Document Control

Each field engineer after completing their field drawing and data collection process will use the field QC checklist to check against the drawing to insure accuracy, correct verbiage, construction feasibility etc. Once QC’d and signed off by field engineer and project manager, it’s then sent to the Drafting Department for package creation. Once drafting is completed, a drafting checklist is signed by the drafter and drafting manager. Once complete the construction package and both signed checklists are given to our Fiber Core Quality Manager for Quality Check.