Field Engineer

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Location: Panama City, Florida

The Field Engineer position must be able to create field drawings on geo-spatial or nodular maps. The Field Engineer needs to have the ability to locate the closest Tie point (Amp or Tap) for the installation to occur in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Applicant needs to have a vast understanding of permitting procedures; which includes Pole allocation, engineering routing, lengths and depths of bores and trenches, cross-streets, and edge of pavements.
Field Engineer also is required to be able to complete Metro-E’s as well, and properly route construction from the tie-point to the place of business to where the fiber optic allocation is being routed. Completing this portion of the position will require all the knowledge utilized as creating the area Engineering file.


  • 2 years + experience in Field Engineering and Metro-E processes.
  • Ability to manage time and work with minimal supervision.
  • Must have a clear understanding how to use Google Earth, Power-point, and other Microsoft Office programs.
  • Can communicate issues clearly and effectively.
  • Must be able to adapt and adhere to specifications of different engineered locations.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Fiber Optic design.
  • Must be able to travel to different locations at any given time.

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